The Semantic Puzzle

Personalized Search & Discovery

Inpherence develops semantic indexing, search, and ranking technologies that cater to the contextual and subjective nature of information value. Our young startup has implemented personalized search and knowledge discovery at web scale through semantic technologies.

Knowledge Extraction, Linking, & Visualization

We provide consulting and projects for knowledge-based and semantic web systems. We can help you integrate semantic technologies with your existing data-warehouse and business intelligence infrastructure in order to optimize performance, achieve interoperability and linking, and gain deeper insight from your data. Our software and services help you extract, link, and visualize knowledge form natural language, semi-structred, and structured data assets.


We understand and exploit both technical and use-case trade-offs in order to build solutions that scale to very large datasets (in the billions of triples). We obtain significant performance gains in parallel query execution, pattern matching, logical inference, and visualization of types and structure connectedness in semantic graphs.


Our flagship product is Infer-red, a named-entity recognizer and type-inferer operating at Web scale. Infer-red is very flexible allowing you to plugin your own ontologies. Checkout the demo!

Semantic Analytics